Is Testosterone Right For Women?

Testosterone can be hard to figure out because the symptoms can mimic so many other things, and it changes at rapid levels for some, and barely at all for others. 


“Testosterone is one of the most abundant hormones in women and is essential to female health. A drop in testosterone can occur in many women starting as early as 20, with a significant reduction in testosterone production starting around age 35. Balancing testosterone can have wide-ranging benefits to a woman’s overall health and can be an essential component of preventative medicine. Restoring testosterone to optimal levels can help elevate mood, increase energy levels, improve muscle mass and definition, and help manage weight,” according to a recent newsletter from BioTE Medical. 

Low Testosterone Symptoms In Women Can Include: 

If you are feeling run down or your sex drive seems non-existent, there may be an easy solution for you with hormone optimization. Balancing testosterone can have the greatest overall effect on a woman’s health, related to both the mind and body. Doesn’t that sound like something you need?


Ultimate Health is a Certified BioTe Provider in Littleton.


Many people wrongly assume that the main or sole function of testosterone in women is related to libido and sex drive. Balancing out those numbers can fix these issues if that’s something you are concerned about, but there is so much more to it, including helping you be more well balanced, happier, do better at work, sleeping through the night, and more.


“While many women report a return of libido after optimizing hormones, testosterone is essential for much more than sex-drive. Testosterone helps regulate several vital systems that influence mood, energy levels, physical fitness and overall physical and mental health as women age,” according to BioTe as they debunk that myth. 


Read more about myths with women and testosterone in the June newsletter from BioTE.


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Hormone Optimization With BioTE Littleton

Did you know our Littleton Chiropractic Care office is a Certified BioTE Medical Provider? We have helped hundreds of patients get their lives back with the help hormone optimization.