What Is Pandemic Posture?

To say 2020 has been a whirlwind of change and fear is an understatement. One of the newest terms we’ve heard coined this year is Pandemic Posture. But what exactly is pandemic posture?

Due to the increase of people who are now working from home, people aren’t sitting at traditional desks, nor are your kids, who may be doing online learning from your kitchen or the playroom. Bad posture doesn’t just look bad; it doesn’t feel good either. Bad posture can start with small irritations or aches that can lead to serious long-term injuries, so it’s important to be aware of this new pandemic posture so you can adjust accordingly.

Did you know poor posture decreases the amount of air in your lungs by as much as 30%? Bad posture isn’t just bad for your neck and back; it creates a whole host of issues that can easily be prevented with attention and frequent visits to your chiropractor.

As you probably know, posture doesn’t discriminate by age. It has more to do with changes in your environment – like working from a laptop on your couch or working from your bed (we know it’s cozy, but it’s not a good idea!), where you slouch or strain your neck to see the screen. In fact, be sure to read these 8 tips for posture when working from home.

Our Littleton chiropractic office can help with pandemic posture. Call us to schedule an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment, work on some professional stretching for muscles that need it the most, and more. We even sell at-home posture straps that you can wear a few times a day to help correct bad posture. Sitting up straight is tough, so it’s easy to get tired and forget to sit correctly or hold your head over your pelvis. That’s a lot to remember

Poor posture can cause a slew of aches and pains including:

  Neck pain

  Back pain

  Pinched nerves

  Headaches

  Osteoarthritis

  Jaw pain/TMJ

  Breathing issues

  Hormone imbalance

Even if you have the best posture imaginable, it’s still important to stretch throughout the day. Just as you would at your corporate office, go for a walk around the block, or stand up to get water or coffee. Take a few minutes to stretch your legs and get the blood flowing again. Maybe do a few yoga poses to help get your muscles moving.

Our Littleton chiropractic office looks forward to helping you fight pandemic posture and help restore your body back to its optimal health. Call our Littleton office at 303.904.0331 to book your chiropractic appointment, and remember that your consultation is always free. You can also read our Littleton chiropractic blog to find out more about our practice and what we offer as far as massages, physical therapy, and so much more.

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