Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs


Don't Wait to Lose the Weight!

Our weight loss programs are clinically proven to help you lose up to 7 pounds a week! Accelerate your weight loss with one of our physician-designed weight loss programs! 

Approximately 90% success rate. Now it's your turn for success!

  • Personalized attention
  • Individualized plan
  • Best weight loss medications
  • Multi-phased nutrition plans
  • Extensive support system

What Sets Us Apart

At Ultimate Health Medical, we believe that each individual's body weight, eating habits, lifestyle, and other personal factors are an important part of their weight loss journey and we work hard to create customized plans to suit each of our patient's personal needs. We want to ensure that each patient is able to realistically commit to their program and we recommend programs we believe our patients can adhere to and be successful - the first time around.

Designed For You

Our process is always tailored to each specific person which begins with a comprehensive consultation that includes a blood test, body measurements, weigh-in, and a physical examination. The medical provider will then evaluate you to determine the most suitable medications to administer during your program. Next, you will meet with a counselor to outline your nutrition plan. During each appointment, our skilled counselors will work with you one-on-one to ensure your success.

Our Programs

Lifestyle Change Program: 2-Week Start Up $99

Lose up to 3-5 pounds per week

  • Complete initial medical evaluation and blood work
  • FDA-approved appetite control medication
  • Lipotropic injections
  • Weight loss counseling

Fast Track Program: 10% off

Lose up to 1-2 pounds per day

  • Complete initial medical evaluation and blood work
  • Pharmaceutical grade fat burning injections, which provide rapid long-lasting weight loss

Accelerate your weight loss with our physician-designed weight loss program! Call us for your FREE consultation!


"I couldn't lose weight after I started going through menopause. I started on the fat burning injections and the weekly counseling, and I lost all of my weight. I went from 160 lbs. to 120 lbs. I will recommend it to all of my friends."

- Patty, Ultimate Health Medical weight loss program patient

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